Update on Dam Projects:

  • The Chilia Hydroelectric Project has advanced to the next stage of development. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been submitted and is currently undergoing evaluation by the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MINEM). The Chilia Project would have a dam wall of 117m, be located at 2200m meters above sea level in the departments of Ancash and Haúnuco and generate 180MW.
    It would flood one of the most scenic Canyons on the entire Marañón River, located directly above the confluence with Rio Puchka. The dam wall would be located just downstream of where this photo was taken:

    Marañón Canyon

    Canyon that would be flooded by the Chilia Hydroelectric Dam. Photo: Benjamin Webb.

  • The Rio Grande 1 & 2 Projects have disappeared from the ‘Under Evaluation’ list on MINEM’s website , however no announcement has been released as to whether these have been approved.

Dams on the Marañón are a constantly changing landscape where input into the decision making process is sometimes required at short notice. Please donate to Marañón Waterkeeper to give our team the resources needed stay abreast of this issue and take proactive action.

Updated Status of Dams & Review of available information:

Marañón Waterkeeper has compiled this document about the Status of hydroelectric dams on the Marañón and completed a brief review of information related to protection of the river. It includes an updated map of dams on the Marañón, list of recent reports and brief literature review.

This report is designed to be a work in progress and will consistently be updated as new information becomes available. If you notice any discrepancies or out of date information, please advise Marañón Waterkeeper with a link to your source, so that we can update the document.

Read the full report here.

Dams on Maranon. Updated Nov 2016

Overview of Dams on Marañon. See full list of dams inside the report.