It is incredible to think that one valley can house so much human and ecological history, and be the source of the largest river on the planet. There really is no other river like the Marañón!
Peruvian archeologist Daniel Castillo Benitez has written this amazing book, a piece of art in itself, published in Awajún, Español and English. It documents many sites around the Marañón Valley, near Lonya Grande.

We are excited to be able to share this with you! Thanks to Daniel Castillo Benitez for his dedication to this project, and to UNTRM and INAAK for making it possible.

Last year, our team re-discovered rock paintings near Tingo Palaguas. It was our pleasure to host Daniel and his team at this site so that they could formally document and add them to national registers.
See Daniel’s report on these paintings here!

Thanks to the Carrasco family for rediscovering these paintings and helping to preserve them!