1. Organise a time and place for your event!
    Confluir will be available for community screenings on or after 21st April 2018, World Fish Migration Day!
    Screenings can be organised before this date by special request.  If there is a film festival in your hometown or city, consider working with us to enter Confluir into the festival!
  2. Email us with details of your event so we can register this and ensure it doesn’t conflict with any nearby Film Festivals.
    Email us: event time, location, city, country
  3. your-event-details-hereClick here to Download the Promotional Materials Package and begin promoting your event!
    The full film will be made available to you via direct download or password on Vimeo in time for your screening.
  4. Good luck and have a great time!
    Consider how you can use your event to further protection of Río Marañón:

    1. Promote further investigation of the river.
    2. Invite guests on an expedition to see the river in person or help host a film screening in Peru (See Marañón Film Festival)
    3. Collect donations to help Marañón Waterkeeper protect Río Marañón.