The Marañón Waterkeeper team recently provided an update on the dam situation to the European Parliament (The Veracruz project is owned by Italian company Enel), and reiterated our call for action by Peruvian Government.

Calls to action for Peruvian Authorities:

Ministry of Energy and Mining:

  • Confirm their decision on Veracruz’ claim of force majeure upon discovery of rock paintings, and if not, why the decision has not been made.
  • Elaborate on the status of Enel’s (Veracruz) request for annulment of concession contract.
  • Clarify whether Veracruz and Chadin II received extensions of their contractual deadlines in light of
    COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Confirm they agree with SPDA’s legal interpretation that the concessions have expired given breach of contractual obligations.

Ministry for Environment:

  • Confirm whether SENACE agrees on SPDA’s analysis that the environmental impact assessments have expired, and if so, provide a clear answer.
  • Confirm their strategy for protecting a representative sample of the Marañón Dry Forests.

Ministry of Culture:

  • Confirm strategy for the effective protection of archaeological remains in the area.
    Peruvian Parliament:
  • Impose moratoria on dams in the Marañón river and the main rivers that connect the Andes
    and the Amazon.
  • Require the Ministry for Energy and Mining, Culture and Environment the responses to our questions.

Title Page from our Presentation to the European Parliament