Marañón Waterkeeper is excited to announce the appointment of Diana Elizabeth Zanabria Sequiros to the position of National Coordinator for the Remando Juntos Campaign. Ms. Zanabria will coordinate Remando Juntos, a campaign focused at educating and creating pride in this emblematic river at a national level in Peru. She will act as point of contact for national coordination surrounding protection of the Marañón River. This is increasingly important as the movement to protect this river gains momentum and more stakeholders become involved at the national and international levels.

Marañón Waterkeeper is dedicated to the protection of the Marañón River, hydrological source of the Amazon which is under threat from rapid development of mega hydroelectric projects. Through 2016-17 Marañón Waterkeeper is looking to grow their regional and national campaigns to educate and organise efforts to protect one of the most important rivers on the planet. The national campaign will focus on brining this issue to the forefront of the political and public agenda.

About the new National Coordinator

Ms. Zanabria has a Bachelor of Geography and Environment from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and currently teaches at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences. She has a particular interest in communiciations for the environement. Over recent years she has been working with USAID on the preservation and enhancement of the Andean and Amazonian landscapes and development for indigenous peoples. Diana is passionate about travel and seeing new places and has joined the Remando Juntos team with the intent to preserve one of the most important watersheds in Peru.

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