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Marañón Waterkeeper is the steward and protector of the Marañón River in Peru, primary tributary of the Amazon River. They are working to stop it from disappearing under 20 enormous hydroelectric dams.

“We are sparking a movement in Peru” said International Coordinator, Benjamin Webb. “A coalition of NGO’s are developing cases for protection of this river, but without media and noise from people all over Peru; these actions may fall on deaf ears”.

Marañón Waterkeeper is running a project to inspire and build capacity in everyday people in Peru to take action. The goal is that after the seed has been planted, they will help to protect the river.

The ‘Remando Juntos’ journey is an 11 day rafting trip down a stunning stretch of river. A small group of young Peruvians who are motivated to protect river by running campaigns and grass-roots events are invited to take part in the journey.

To help fund the journey’s, Marañón Waterkeeper is also inviting 8 international guests on this journey. A minimum donation of $3000 will cover their expenses, and help cover cost of the Peruvian.

“We believe that once a person has a connection with a place, they will work incredibly hard to protect it. There’s a difference between reading about a river being completely destroyed, and seeing it for yourself. Meeting the people, seeing the ecosystems and experiencing the wonder of an incredible canyon. Once people have experienced it they will take this back to their communities tell stories and engage others.”

“Every journey we run creates another ripple of awareness that has the potential to turn into a flood of action. In 2015 we witnessed that the Remando Juntos journey was the catalyst for a cascade of action. The team started the Remando Juntos campaign, ran grass-roots events and began filming of a documentary film ‘La Serpiente de Oro’.” Some participants from the 2015 journey have started an eco-tourism business to bring awareness, others plan on running an exhibition with the hundreds of stunning photos that were taken on the river.

“The Remando Juntos project has the chance to create change in a way that is not logical, obvious or intuitive. It’s like planting a seed, you don’t know how big it will grow, or what other seeds might drop in the future.”

“On a very personal level, the empowerment and change this can have on the participants is enormous. They go from working or studying in their field; to being stewards of this river. They are empowered to do something about this issue.”

“For people considering joining the journey and supporting as an international guests, we’re offering the chance to be a founder of this movement. To experience this river journey in an unforgettable, purposeful way and have a real impact on its future”.

“Someone’s first experience on a multi-day river journey can be life changing. That’s a pretty incredible gift, and an incredible experience to share in”.

The Maranon is one of the last major tributaries to the Amazon that remains free flowing. If it is dammed, the impacts on the Amazon will be be enormous. Thousands of people will lose their homes or livelihood if these projects go ahead, including Indigenous Awajún. It is also one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet with incredible high levels of endemic birds, aquatic species and migratory fish that would be impacted by the dams.

“If we take action now, we can protect one of the greatest rivers on the planet.”


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Contact International Coordinator Ben Webb at +51 951 242 344  or benjamin@maranonwaterkeeper.org