Wanted: Volunteer Raft Guides,
Kayakers and Camp Hosts for
11 Day River Journey in Peru.

“If you love a place, you have a duty to protect it”

Looking for raft guides, safety kayakers or camp hosts to volunteer on Peruvian River Journey, help save source of the Amazon. You will work alongside our professional team of Peruvian River Guides. There are only two volunteer positions available on each trip.

  • 2016 October 19-29. 2 Volunteer Positions Available.
  • 2017 July 17-27. 2  Volunteer Positions Available.

We will cover all costs on-river, and hope to reimburse up to $400 to help cover travel expenses.

As guides and hosts for outdoor adventures, you know the power of the wild places.

We believe that by connecting a community of passionate people, we will be able to save the Source of the Amazon from destruction. We would like you to join that community.

Remando Juntos is a grass roots initiative working to protect the Marañón River which is under threat from 20 mega dams. Through an unforgettable river journey we are inviting the next generation of environmentalists in Peru to help protect one of the last free flowing tributaries to the Amazon.

There are not many things more inspirational than floating down a river. Harnessing this inspiration, our Peruvian team of biologists, film makers, photographers, designers and lawyers can work to protect the river. The team from the first Remando Juntos journey have made a big impact. With your help, we can grow this team.
On a very personal yet unquantifiable level, this experience can be life changing. Inspiration is a powerful thing.

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How does it work?

We are inviting a group made up of international guests, Peruvian activists and two Volunteer River People. We think this is an excellent recipe to create connections and inspire a group of people to see what they can do to protect a magnificent river.

The journey is run through Marañón Experience, a Peruvian business setup to grow tourism on the Marañón and support conservation initiatives. They employ a team of professional guides who work the Marañón. You will be assisting this team.Maranon Experience Banner2-06

Your Role:

On the journey you will be assisting the Marañón Experience team to create an incredible journey for everyone on board. We understand this is probably your first time down the Marañón and we have expectations in line with this. We don’t expect you to be taking on any huge responsibility, guiding a raft with clients, nor will you be a core safety kayaker on whom everyone’s life if depending.

You will be there to assist, to help out and share you passion for the river. We don’t expect you to work quite as hard as the payed Peruvian guides, but you will need to lend a helping hand wherever possible and help everything run smoothly.

 Position  Expectation
 Safety Kayaker · Can competently read and run class IV+ whitewater. Solid enough to safety boat in class IV.
· Will assist at least two other professional safety kayakers on the journey.
· Assistance with cooking, jobs around camp and on river, sharing experiences and making the team feel at home.
 Oar Raft Guide · Can competently row a heavily loaded gear raft through class IV whitewater.
· Assistance with cooking, jobs around camp and on river, sharing experiences and making the team feel at home.
 Camp Host & Raft Guide · Assistance with cooking, jobs around camp and on river, sharing experiences and making clients feel at home.
· Extra attention to make all participants feel comfortable and provide the most enjoyable experience possible.
· (Raft Guide Only) Assist with rigging & safety around rafts.

Why we need your help?

We want these trips to be an incredible experience for everyone involved. You can bring your love and knowledge of the river. As a volunteer, you are not costing much to bring on board, but we are guessing you will have a huge amount to share and bring to the team

Your other main task is in the lead up to the trip. We need you help to share posts, connect to potential guests and create media coverage for this.

If you want to do any fundraising that would be great too, let us know!


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