Marañón Waterkeeper Patrol 2017

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Launching July 29 – August 5, 2017

Marañón Waterkeeper is the voice, steward and protector of the Marañón River. We are leading the campaign to protect the source of the Amazon in its natural free flowing state; to protect all the species that depend on it and hundreds of thousands of people who rely on this river.

Marañón Waterkeeper Patrol:

On our 2017 Patrol we are working with ‘II en Ruta‘, a Peruvian travel show with a focus on sustainable and purposeful travel. Throughout the Patrol, we will be filming an episode with the II en Ruta team which will highlight the Marañón River as a national treasure of Peru.

There are 10 spaces available for everyday people who wish to experience this unforgettable journey and really make a genuine difference through their travel. This fully guided, 7 day raft journey, will be run by Marañón Experience team; see the trip description here. We have had participants of all ages and abilities join us on the river in the past.


Participation in this Marañón Waterkeeper Patrol costs $1600 USD per person.
(10% goes directly to support the campaign to protect the river!)


  • July 29 – August 5, 2017 (Filming episode of ‘II en Ruta’).
  • Second Journey tentatively planned for September, enquire for more details!

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Impact of Previous Patrols:

  • 2016
    • Award winning Peruvian journalist Jack Lo Lau joined us on the patrol and published an article which was later syndicated by the largest newpapers in Peru.
    • Photographer Diego Peréz joined us to shoot photos for use by and upcoming WWF campaign.
  • 2015 (before we founded Marañon Waterkeeper)
    • Shot footage for documentary film about the Marañón.
    • Journalist Saul Elbien wrote this article for Mens Journal, and several articles published several articles in Mongabay focused on social issues related to dams on the Marañón.
    • Our team shot photos which have been utilised by partner NGO’s and media organisations and newpaper articles.
    • Creation of the Remando Juntos grass roots project to (re)-connect young people with the river.