Information for Journalists

One of the biggest canyons on the planet.

Dozens of expert whitewater kayakers from around Peru and the world will be converging on the Marañon River, Peru to complete a 700km, 33 day descent to raise awareness for protection of the Primary Source of the Amazon.

Along the way, Marañón Waterkeeper will organise film screenings and fiestas in more than 20 local villages and encourage local people to contribute to a massive artwork which will represent thousands of people that depend on this river.

“It is time for the government to update their view of hydroelectric dams on the Marañón River. This is not the energy artery of Peru- it is a vital connection between Andes and Amazon upon which hundreds of thousands of people depend. Environmental certifications for the Chadin II and Veracruz dam projects have already expired, so it is illegal for the companies to begin construction. We are calling on the Government to use cancel these projects for good and create legislation to protect Peru’s most important rivers.” Says International Coordinator for Marañón Waterkeeper, Benjamin Webb.

The last 7 days of the festival are open for the general public to join, with several companies offering tours down the river. If you would like to support or join this event go to

Journalists are welcome to join and report on Amachay Yumi and ensure that the messages reach the widest audience and help to protect Peruvian Rivers.

The best time to join the tour is for Stage 5, October 17-25 after we have already built momentum for almost a month and are reaching the Heart of the Marañón Canyon. In this stage we will travel past villages that would be flooded by dams, meet locals who have fought hard to protect their homes and livelihood, and see the dam sites of Chadin II and Veracruz which will soon be cancelled. This is an extremely remote area of a very deep canyon, to access this place we will be travelling by whitewater raft and be guided by professional river guides.

It may be possible for you to cover other parts of the 33 day tour by special request.