Join the River Tour

There are two ways to join Amachay Yumi. Either as an independent boater OR by joining a commercial rafting trip as a guest.

Independent Boaters

For this tour Marañón Waterkeeper is creating events in local towns and media along the way. If you chose travel between these events as an Independent Boater, you MUST:

  • Ensure you have adequate skill and experience to attempt these extremely remote, challenging whitewater sections.
  • Be responsible for your own safety and coordinate with your own team so you have the people watching your back.
  • Be responsible for all your own food, equipment and logistics. If you need support with these things, contact one of the outfitters that operate on the Marañón River.
    Marañon Experience is our tourism partner for the tour, contact them for support or equipment rentals.
    Sierra Rios also rents equipment, and is running trips on the Upper and Lower sections of the river to coincide with Amachay Yumi tour dates.

We recommend you sign up to this mailing list. As the tour draws closer Marañón Waterkeeper may email out helpful information or updates.

Join a rafting trip

This is the safest, easiest and most streamlined way to join the Tour. Our partner Marañón Experience is running a commercial rafting trip that coincides with Stage 5 of the tour, 17-25th October. You will travel with professional guides on the same trip as journalists and other guests. You will get to be a part of events in villages of Tupen Grande, Mendan and Tingo Palaguas.